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Tivoli Audio's Model One, which made its debut in 2000, was a great tabletop radio in its time. But in a world that's increasingly dominated by wireless speakers, the company, which is in the process of a strategic shift, has decided to give its bestselling product a tech makeover, bringing it "into the age of the smart home."

The $300 Model One Digital shares some of the same design elements with the original analog Model One but adds a high-resolution screen, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity options, DAB (for countries that support it), multi-operational dial and a free companion app for Android and iOS devices. Oh, and you can still use the Model One Digital as a FM radio.

The $300 Model One Digital features Wi-Fi connectivity.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Like other Wi-Fi speakers, the companion Tivoli Wireless app allows you to tap into music streaming services such as Spotify, and you can also connect the Model One Digital with other Art by Tivoli speakers to create stereo pairs and multiroom audio systems.

Built out of "furniture-grade" wood, the speaker comes in walnut, white or black and is finished with a high-quality Gabriel fabric speaker grille. Later this year Tivoli Audio says it will be introduce additional models to the collection while also integrating Amazon's Alexa voice assistant (playing audio to the speaker will be an Alexa skill).

The back of the unit.

Sarah Tew/CNET

I certainly like the look of the new Model One Digital -- and appreciate that it now has a digital display. It also sounds pretty decent for its size. But other Wi-Fi speakers such as the Sonos Play:1 and Bose SoundTouch 10 cost less and deliver comparable, if not better, sound (I'm still working through my performance comparisons with editor Ty Pendlebury so we're not quite ready to declare an official winner).

Once I spend a little more time with the Tivoli Model One, I'll post a full review. In the meantime, have a look at our product shots of the walnut colored unit. It may be the most attractive of the three launch models.