The Room for iOS review: An excellent all-around puzzle game

The Room isn't just about the visuals, though. The sound design is excellent with each whirring gear and creak of old wood as you pull open a drawer. You can hear creepy music and howling wind as you work. The overall feel of both the audio and visuals are part of what makes this game great, but it's the complex and challenging puzzles that keep you coming back for more.

The biggest annoyance for The Room is that it simply isn't long enough. Though I spent a significant amount of time trying to open the boxes that are available, once I got to the end I couldn't believe it was over. You only get three boxes to open, each with several steps that are very enjoyable, but it's really not enough to call this a complete game. Fortunately, according to The Room wiki, a new chapter for the original game is coming in the third quarter of this year. Also, the popularity of the game has driven Fireproof Games to start work on a sequel to come out in Q4 of 2013.

The other thing that can get a little annoying with the room are the controls for viewing the boxes and zooming in on details. Though the swipe-to-rotate controls are smooth as silk, the pinch gestures for zooming in and out can get a little frustrating. I'm not sure what the developers can do here to make it better, but just be warned that in some instances, it may not feel as smooth as you'd like.

The Room seemed like a port of some browser-based, point-and-click adventure to me when I first came across it at the App Store. But now that I've tried it, I can tell you it is much more, and that just about anyone will enjoy piecing together the mystery as you try to figure out how to open each box.

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