The LEGO Movie Video Game (iOS) review: Fun action game, but only if you've seen the movie

Each level has goals you need to complete in order to pass the level. Sometimes it means gathering pages of building instructions to build a vehicle or finding parts that build a bridge so you can escape.

Plenty of variety

While most of the game is as I've described so far, there are other levels that give you new challenges as you play. For example, when warping to different areas, you get a top-down perspective as you fall down a long tube while avoiding obstacles. Other levels have you driving the giant motorcycle from the movie or manning a turret on the back of a vehicle so you can blow away pursuing police.

You should really watch the movie

The game stands on its own for fun factor, but if you haven't seen the movie, it won't make much sense. I say this because, to be honest, I hadn't seen the movie myself when I first downloaded the game and I quickly got lost when I started playing. Even with the occasional cutscenes, the changes from area to area are really jarring if you don't know why they're happening. In the beginning I was in a city, and then in the Old West, and by the time I was up in the clouds (Cloud Cuckoo Land), I knew I would never understand what was going on without seeing the movie.

There are also places where missions just seem to end and it's not clear what you did to finish the area. After seeing the movie I understood that it was simply pushing the plot forward, but if you're playing without that knowledge, it can be pretty confusing.


The Lego Movie Video Game stays true to the movie, letting you act out all of the fun scenes across the movie's many Lego worlds. The character-switching system is smooth as you find the right character for the job at hand and the varied character skills keep the game interesting.

There are a couple of different control systems to choose from, but neither is as precise as I would have wanted. I still would recommend the onscreen gamepad over the default swiping system.

The main thing to note about this game is it won't make much sense unless you've seen the movie. So if you haven't seen it, I can't recommend spending 5 bucks for this game, but if you have, I think you'll find that "everything is awesome."