Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin for iOS review: Controlling four tentacles is hard for a human

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The Good Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin for iOS offers a unique challenge as you travel through the human anatomy. Excellent graphics and sounds keep the game interesting.

The Bad Difficult control system takes plenty of practice, and can get frustrating when you try to move quickly in close quarters.

The Bottom Line If you don't mind the control system, Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin has all the important elements to make it a one-of-kind iOS gaming experience.


8.2 Overall
  • Setup 9
  • Features 8
  • Interface 6
  • Performance 10

Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin lets you play as a microscopic, squishy, stretchy, black-tentacled creature named Lemmy who accidentally ends up inside a mad scientist.

The graphics for this game are beautiful as you travel through Professor Phluff's anatomy, with organs and other mushy organic material giving you the feeling of being inside a living being. The sounds are equally as impressive, with burbling sounds and bubbles as you try to make your way to the end of each level.

The object of the game is to avoid obstacles and eat the eyeballs of strange creatures that inhabit the insides of Professor Phluff as you make your way to the end of each level. Like many games these days, Tentacles uses a three-star rating system for each level, but divides up your rating based on whether you died during the level, whether you completed an in-level challenge, and whether you grabbed all the collectibles. Getting a perfect score is not easy, especially in later levels, and this is in part due to the control system.

The control system for the game is all touch and timing as you make your way through corridors by sending out tentacles that drag Lemmy along. But moving spikes and other dangerous creatures are always close at hand, requiring that you maneuver Lemmy carefully with each tentacle. I found myself getting into trouble particularly after a few levels as hazards become more frequent, and dealing with all four of Lemmy's tentacles. What I came to realize is that the game sometimes requires spur-of-the-moment action to move away from your location, but the nature of having to use four tentacles to move means it takes time. This left me getting hit several times by one of the earlier centipede-like bosses because there was simply not enough time to move away.

Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin also has challenges that require you to get through an area quickly. While I was able to pass several of these challenges, the requirement of tapping on areas Lemmy's tentacle could hook on to requires a precision that will take some practice to get used to.

The game comes with 10 sets of four levels for 40 levels total with the difficulty and theme changing as you move through each set. You also have the option to buy another world of levels (called Dog Eat Dog) in-game for 99 cents.

Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin is a unique game with excellent graphics and sound along with a funny story line. But be prepared for a lot of challenges as you try to navigate through Professor Phluff's body using a slow-to-react control system.

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