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Ten Technology NaviPod

Ten Technology's NaviPod does double duty as a remote control fit for on-the-go tuning or at-home listening.

Ten Technology NaviPod

Turn your iPod into a home-stereo component with Ten Technology's NaviPod, a wireless remote for the iPod that can control basic playback functions from across the room. Use the iPod as part of your existing sound system in this manner, or combine it with the NaviPod and a powered speaker system such as JBL's Creature line to form a stand-alone home stereo. Mimicking Apple's in-line remote, the saucer-shaped NaviPod has five buttons for volume, forward, reverse, play, and pause. Plug your iPod into your hi-fi stereo, relax in the La-Z-Boy, close your eyes, and enjoy complete control over your tunes.

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