Tempo Smart Calendar review: More than just another calendar app

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The Good Tempo Smart Calendar automatically gives you important information about your schedule by connecting with social networks and email accounts.

The Bad Tempo works just on the iPhone, lacking an iPad, Android, or even a Web version.

The Bottom Line While it's currently iPhone-only, Tempo Smart Calendar is a worthwhile calendar app that integrates well with other services.


7.9 Overall
  • Setup 7
  • Features 8
  • Interface 8
  • Performance 8

When I first downloaded Tempo Smart Calendar I thought it might be yet another boring calendar app for iOS users. I was wrong. A recent update brought along features other calendar apps have long had, along with a fresh new look to the iPhone-only app.

But what sets it apart from the likes of Apple's own iOS calendar, Sunrise, or Fantastical 2 is the context it brings to your schedule. Content may not be king, but one could argue -- with a busy schedule -- context is.

Getting started

The setup process for Tempo takes a little bit of time to complete. After swiping through a quick overview of how the app works and what it's capable of, you're asked to create a Tempo account, using your email address, LinkedIn account, or Facebook profile. Having a dedicated account enables Tempo to connect your email addresses and social networks to the service.

Currently Tempo is available only on the iPhone, but according to the Tempo website, iPad and Android versions are currently in development; however timing for their release isn't clear. Once the app is compatible with more devices the dedicated Tempo account will make more sense because it could be used to sync info across all your devices.

The next step requires you to connect other social networks and email accounts to the app. With the various accounts connected, Tempo is able to provide basic updates regarding your contacts and schedule. The more accounts you connect, the more fine-tuned the app will become, thus increasing its ability to provide you with more information.

During my trial I shared an email exchange with a public relations rep from Otterbox regarding something that has nothing to do with my calendar. Then at the end of the week, I received an e-mail from Tempo containing what it considered to be important updates about the contact and the company he works for. It was something I didn't expect to see from a calendar app (and wasn't something I really needed), but the important thing is that it was done right. The email wasn't an advertisement for anyone; it got straight to the point, and that was it. Also included in the email was a list of upcoming birthdays (likely curated from Facebook), and a weather forecast for the next week.

I can see how an email summary surrounding your contacts' milestones can easily get out of hand and feel spammy, but that was not the case with Tempo.

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