Telstra Smart-Touch review: Telstra Smart-Touch

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The display screen isn't just small. It's also remarkably indistinct from most angles except from straight on. We also found the Smart-Touch had an annoying habit of rebooting itself randomly. We'd go to switch it on, and discover it had shut down entirely. Again, it's all rather lacking in the awesome we were looking forward to.


At a very basic smartphone level, the Smart-Touch does work.

But it's not awesome. Not even in an ironic, hipster kind of way.

Even beyond inflated marketing hype, we're reluctant to recommend it even on the basis of its admittedly cheap asking price.

Yes, in some ways you are getting what you pay for, and expecting dual-core Atrix-style performance out of a sub-AU$100 smartphone would be silly. But for any contract purchaser, much better phones are available for the kind of money you're going to be spending on monthly access anyway.

In the prepaid arena, the gulf between the Smart-Touch and phones that only cost a small amount more is quite considerable, especially considering it's only an Android 2.1 phone. You're likely to quickly outstrip the purchase price in ongoing prepaid calls and data, so why skimp on purchase price and put up with a lower quality experience?