Telstra Prepaid Mobile Broadband Hotspot review: Telstra Prepaid Mobile Broadband Hotspot

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The Good Supports up to five devices. Pre-secured. 5GB of included data. Good download speeds.

The Bad Feels cheap and flimsy. Unlocked options not that much more expensive. Gets very hot after a short while. Won't work with post-paid Bigpond SIMs.

The Bottom Line It's not as flashy as comparable portable devices, but Telstra's prepaid mobile broadband hotspot delivers speed — at a price.

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8.5 Overall

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Up until now, Telstra's been the one hold-out on a portable MiFi style router product. This portable Wi-Fi router redresses that balance, but curiously Telstra's opted to offer it as a prepaid product offering.


The router itself is a rebadged ZTE MF30 heavy on the Telstra branding. It's nice and light to hold, but that's also because it's made out of very thin plastic indeed. This gives the impression of being rather flimsy, with clicky buttons and a simple light up LED interface. Compared to the competition offered by Virgin and Vodafone particularly, the Telstra product does come off as second best. Like most portable routers, the included buttons are kept to a minimum, with an on/off switch and WPS button separated by a slot for a microSD card. Charging is via mini-USB at the base, and out of our review box, the SIM was already pre-inserted, but oddly the battery wasn't. The rear cover is of a similar cheap and light plastic to the rest of the construction, and we'd be wary of popping it on or off too quickly in any case.


For lovers of technical specifications, the Prepaid Mobile Broadband Hotspot is a 7.2Mbps HSUPA tri-band (850/1900/2100MHz) modem with 802.11b/g WiFi compatibility.

Telstra sells the device on a prepaid basis upfront for AU$149 with 5GB of included data to use within 90 days of activation. The 5GB of data really makes most of the value proposition for the system, as a similar amount of data (technically up to 6GB, depending on other recharge variables that frankly, make our heads hurt) by itself will cost you AU$100. This is, in essence, the razorblades model applied to mobile data, as even a moderate amount of recharge data will quickly outpace the cost of the device itself. It's locked to the Telstra network with an unlocking fee applicable if you want to use it with other networks.

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