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Telstra F3000 Fixed Line Phone

Spruce up your home life. The Telstra F3000 cordless home phone has appropriated a colour display and many other features commonly found in mobile phones.

Taking a cue from its mobile phone counterparts, Telstra's F3000 fixed line home phone has a full colour screen (4096 colours) that supports graphics and wallpaper images. It also has many other features common in mobiles such as poly-tone ring tones, a SIM card reader, storage for up to 200 names and numbers, message alerts and call register.

And if the kids are fighting over the game console, the silver and metallic charcoal F3000 even has two interactive games on board.

It depends on your usage and plan, of course, but if you need the looks and features of a mobile phone, you might as well just use your mobile phone.

It makes sense - why not get more colourful, sexy features in your home phone too? The sim card reader also makes good sense as an easy way to copy and back up all the precious contact numbers currently housed in your mobile.

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