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Mobile Accessories

Tekkeon myPower

While not for everyone, the Tekkeon MyPower is a great option for iPod users who are constantly looking for an AC power outlet.

Tekkeon MyPower

Here's one for the frequent long-distance traveler: an all-in-one docking cradle, a USB/FireWire adapter, a belt clip, and (most importantly) a battery-life-extender for the dockable third- and fourth-generation iPods, as well as the iPod Mini. Drop a dead iPod into this and it springs back to life for an estimated 32 hours. Another benefit of the Tekkeon MyPower is that your iPod will be able to connect using standard USB and FireWire ports, rather than the proprietary cable that Apple includes. This shouldn't be high on most people's list of iPod accessories--try upgrading the headphones first. But for iPod users who regularly lose access to AC power for extended periods of time, it's essential.

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