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The Good Good picture quality;. works well;. pleasant user interface;. recording to USB is a super bonus.

The Bad Not the cheapest;. single USB socket is a pain.

The Bottom Line The TechniSat HDFV is a decent piece of kit with superb picture quality and the advantage of being able to record to USB. We'd like to see its Wi-Fi abilities improved somewhat to allow more exciting features.

8.3 Overall

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When Freeview launched, we grudgingly accepted the need for a separate set-top box. Most TVs at the time didn't have digital tuners -- and those that did were idiotically overpriced. Then TVs got built-in Freeview with the transition to flat panels, and we finally got rid of one more box. But now, if we want to take advantage of Freeview HD, we need to resort to -- you guessed it -- a set-top box.

Still, if you have to put up with a set-top box, it might as well be one that does something awesome like Freeview HD, and looks as good as this little TechniSat HDFV does. There's more to life than looking good -- ask any geek-- so we need to examine this £150 Freeview HD box and decide if it's up to scratch.

Easy on the eye

The HDFV is a compact and stylish box, finished in glossy black at the front, and a more traditional matte black around the rest of its chassis. The front panel has a simple display, which we think is chronically under-used. For example, instead of showing 'BBC One', it says 'P1'. It's unnecessarily basic stuff like this that we hoped would be banished when analogue finally died. It seems that's not the case, though, and that makes us sad.

The display panel on the TechniSat HDFV is disappointingly basic.

The remote control is something of a triumph. Okay, it's not going to win any awards, but it has a sturdy feel to it and the buttons are firm. When navigating the menus and electronic programme guide, we found it pretty simple to use. The only thing worth noting is that there's no 'back' button, which meant we ended up leaving the menu when we only wanted to go to the previous screen. You can, however, press the green key to back up, but it's not always obvious.

Connectivity is decent, too. HDMI is the only way to get high-definition images to your TV. If you're using this on a TV without HDMI, you'll be stuck with either composite video or Scart. If you use these, we honestly can't see why you'd buy this receiver, which is intended as an HD box first and foremost.

More than just a Freeview HD receiver

For £150, we would expect the TechniSat to have a couple of tricks up its sleeve. Happily, it does, with the most impressive being its ability to record TV programmes. But how, I hear you ask, does it record anything when it doesn't have a built-in hard drive? The answer is, predictably enough: using USB drives.

You have a choice here. You can either opt to record onto a USB memory stick, or a larger hard drive. There are pros and cons to either approach and you'll need to pick the solution that best suits you. USB sticks are convenient because they just slot in the back, don't use much power and can be swapped out when full. Hard disks are larger, so don't need to be swapped but they also need extra power, and that means you'll need to plug them into the mains, which will eat more electricity.

It's also worth pointing out that not all USB memory sticks -- or hard drives, for that matter -- are fast enough to record TV onto. We tried recording onto a slower thumb drive and all that happened was the TechniSat stuttered a fair bit, and didn't record the show properly. The machine has some diagnostic routines that will test a drive first and tell you if it is fast enough to record, so we suggest you pay attention to what it says before leaving it to record your favourite TV show.

If you have a drive of some sort connected, you can pause live TV, which we find incredibly useful. Don't expect this to perform as well as Sky+ does. To avoid missing a crucial moment in Jeremy Kyle, however, it's dead handy.

You can't watch another channel while you're recording because the TechnicSat only has a single tuner. We also noticed that the device displays a little recording icon on screen when it's saving your show. This icon might annoy you and, worse, could leave a semi-permanent mark on your plasma TV.

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