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A day at the pool
I used the Submariner during a long pool day at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. Admittedly, I was a little nervous at first -- intentionally dunking a cell phone would make any cell phone geek cringe -- but I loaded my iPhone and jumped in. As Tech 21 promised, the Submariner will float with a phone inside, though it does so vertically with only the very bottom of the case poking above the water. I tried pushing the Submariner below the surface several times and it promptly bobbed back up a few seconds later. The detectable lanyard is plastered with Tech21's logo, but it's made of sturdy fabric and handy for wearing around your neck.

The Submariner has an extra compartment for money and keys. Josh Miller/CNET

I spent most of the afternoon floating around the Mandalay Bay's lazy river with the Submariner in tow. Using the phone presented no issues whether I was texting or tweeting, playing a game, making dinner reservations on OpenTable, or browsing the Web. Just remember that the touch screen won't work when completelty submerged. The membrane had a spongy feel, which was weird at first, but I got used to it quickly. And at the end of the day, I was able to use the touch screen and the Home button just as I normally would.

Yet, I have one complaint with the membrane. While water rolls off the membrane easily, it attracts more than its share of dust, hair, and pocket lint. The extra particles didn't interfere with my use of the touch screen, but I could feel them beneath my finger. More than feeling a tad icky, it also made the membrane look dirtier than it probably was. I wasn't sure how to clean it so I let it go, but germaphobes should take note.

You can play music with the phone in the case, but you'll need to turn up the volume high to hear your tunes properly. Audio quality is diminished, as well, and the Submariner lacks the Lifeproof case's headphone adapter. Just remember that you can't access your iPhone's volume controls while using the case. Hopefully the company will make a produce with more control accessibility in the future.

The Submariner case lets you take underwater photos. Kent German/CNET

Thanks to the clear skin of the Submariner, you even can take pictures underwater as long as the touch screen will register your command. I had a lot of fun with this feature even if it's one area where I noticed a design flaw. Because of the off-center placement of the deeper well, you should taking photos only when your iPhone is placed upright in the case. Unfortunately, though, it's more comfortable to insert your handset upside down when you're wearing the Submariner around your neck because the phone will be facing the right way when you raise it up to your face. But if you do that, the lens catches the side of the case and your photo subjects look like they're standing in front of a fun house mirror.

Make sure you insert the phone the correct way or your photos will come out like this. Josh Miller/CNET

Tech21 says that you can submerge the Submariner up to 6 meters (about 20 feet). I could only manage about 4 feet in the shallow lazy river, but I kept it in the drink for almost an hour. After I was done, I opened the case and found no traces of liquid inside the case or on my iPhone. Indeed, that was a big relief for someone who had a pile of work-related e-mails to answer. I also dropped the Submariner on the concrete pool desk a few times. The case didn't show any scratches or nicks, and my phone kept on ticking thanks to the Impact Band that's designed to absorb shocks and deflect them away from the phone.

The Tech21 Submariner isn't for everyone, and it's certainly not compact or stylish, but it's the most durable and most versatile waterproof iPhone case that's I've seen. I'd take again if I were headed to the pool, a beach weekend, or even if I was just spending a lot of time outside in the snow or rain. Sure, I'd tweak the design a bit, and making a call someday is a pipe dream. For maximum iPhone protection, though, it does its job well.

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