Mobile accessory maker Tech21 is no stranger to highly shock-absorbent cases. It specializes in making D30, a gooey substance that can move like molasses but hardens itself the moment it sustains an impact. Featured in the company's Impact Band , the material works well to protect phones from accidental drops.

For the new iPhone 6 , however, Tech21 has launched a new range of cases called Evo Mesh. Available exclusively at Apple retail stores -- it's not even sold on Tech21's site -- the accessory is sold in the US, for $35, and the UK, for £29, and will hit Australia in November.

The case features a material that Tech21 says advances on the D30. Known as FlexShock, the material is able to redistribute kinetic energy away from the point of impact, the company says.

FlexShock lines the side edges of the Evo Mesh, and features several grooves and ridges. These grooves help to mold with whatever it surrounds. As a result, the Evo Mesh case will encase the iPhone with a snug and tight fit.

Unlike D30, which in its natural form comes only in a bright orange hue, FlexShock comes in many different colors. During my brief time with it, I saw that the case was also extremely lightweight, thin and flexible.

Though at first I found it hard to believe that something so delicate-looking can help protect a phone, I'm not so skeptical anymore. That's namely because I saw the FlexShock's predecessor, the D30 material, being wrapped around a finger and repeatedly smashed with a hammer. The finger remain unscathed, and I felt the material itself harden after an impact.

I can only expect FlexShock to perform just as well, if not better, and if you're looking for a thin but protective case for your iPhone 6, the Evo Mesh may be worth considering.