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Teac GF-350 review: Teac GF-350

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The Good Simple to operate. Clever, compact design.

The Bad "Auto track" feature not great. Somewhat flimsy construction.

The Bottom Line This is obviously not a device for discerning audiophiles, but if you've got a collection of vinyl that you want on CD, and enjoy making recorded compilations, the GF-350 is a good choice.

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7.5 Overall

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Yes, I know there are many ways to digitise your collection of vinyl classics. The problem is, they all require that you have a turntable. I don't. I don't know anyone who does. And, to be honest, I'm not interested in buying one, simply because there's no place for it in my current "entertainment centre" set-up, and putting one near my computer really isn't an option either.

But I do have an awful lot of vinyl records that I would love to convert anyway, so I was intrigued to see Teac's solution: the GF-350 Multi-Music Player/CD Recorder. The meaning of that mouthful? It's basically a turntable with a built-in CD-burner (OK, there's an amp and tuner there too). Could this be the simplified solution to every vinyl-owner's dreams? We decided to take a look.

The review unit arrived, not in pristine shape, but in workable order. Whoever had looked at it last, however, had neglected to replace the manual. This was not a problem because, being male, I would have been incapable of looking at it anyway.

The GF-350's a design that would fit in very well to a room furnished by IKEA (not that there's anything wrong with that) -- the black-stained wood-panel casing features a lift-up top, and the front panel shows the tuner AM and FM bands, an LCD status panel, controls, and the CD disc tray. On either side of the main panel are two three-inch speakers.

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