For a relatively low price, Teac's DV-B350 aims to deliver free-to-air television with DVD-quality picture and CD-quality sound to your living room. Unlike High Definition (HD), SD programming is available 24 hours per day, seven days a week. The DV-B350's features include auto tuning and logical channel numbering (eg. ABC is automatically assigned to channel 2), so that setup is as quick and easy as possible. Closed captions and teletext (where available) can be switched on at the press of a button on the remote control. The DV-B350's software can be upgraded to add features and improve functionality via a computer and RS232 to SCART cable (details available on Teac's Web site).

This digital receiver is only capable of delivering Standard Definition (SD) pictures, 576i (576 horizontal lines interlaced). While the DV-B350 will deliver sharper pictures than analogue TV tuners, it is not a High Definition (HD) digital set top box. Owners of HD-capable screens will probably want to invest in a HD tuner to really appreciate the capabilities of their home theatre system.

With a recommended retail price of AU$199, Teac's DV-B350 is an affordable way to enter the realm of digital television. Simply by plugging in your normal TV antenna to a SD set top box such as the DV-B350, home users will be able to reap the benefits of digital television including ghost-free pictures, CD-like audio, widescreen viewing, electronic programming guides and closed captions.