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TDV Vison V800XPT review: TDV Vison V800XPT

TDV Vison V800XPT

Brian Nadel
2 min read

Look quickly at TDV's Vison V800XPT tablet, and you might think it's the latest import from the land of the Lilliputians. At 7.2 by 9.6 inches, it's one of the smallest tablets on the market, and it sports an equally diminutive price tag: a little less than $1,000. If you like small tablets, you might consider the Vison V800XPT, but you'll sacrifice top performance and the many creature comforts of a bigger machine.


TDV Vison V800XPT

The Good

Small and light; built-in video camera; low price; flash card slots; includes Wi-Fi wireless networking.

The Bad

Sluggish; only 256MB of RAM; lacks PC Card and FireWire ports; skimpy tech support.

The Bottom Line

TDV squeezes enough of a full-size tablet into its small Vison V800XPT to attract buyers who can live with the trade-offs.

The TDV Vison brand name may not be familiar to you, but the company is a major seller of monitors and TVs. Think of the company's Vison V800XPT tablet as something between a full-size slate, such as HP's Compaq Tablet PC TC1100, and a handheld PC, such as Toshiba's e800 series. The Vison V800XPT weighs just 2.6 pounds, with a 3-pound travel weight, thanks to a svelte, 7-ounce AC adapter.

The tablet has an odd mix of old and new components, including an antediluvian 800MHz Transmeta Crusoe TM-5800 processor, a 20GB hard drive, and only 256MB of 266MHz memory. Unfortunately, the system's memory modules are not accessible, so upgrading is out of the question. The 8.4-inch screen offers a nice balance between image size and resolution.

With a built-in modem, LAN, and W-iFi networking, the Vison V800XPT doesn't lack for communication possibilities, but it gets by with the minimum of ports. While it has the expected VGA and a pair of USB 2.0 and audio ports, this small tablet cuts a few too many corners by leaving out PC Card and FireWire slots. It has a great four-way flash card reader for Memory Stick, MultiMediaCard, Secure Digital, and SmartMedia modules, but it can't use the less expensive CompactFlash cards.

Are you image conscious? You'll appreciate the Vision V800XPT's built-in video camera, which swivels to show a front or back view. Functional software lets you conveniently choose the video-capture details, but it can save only clips that are uncompressed AVI files, and resolution is limited to 320x240.

The whole package adds up to a slow tablet that scored 56 on our MobileMark 2002 benchmark. That's about one-third the performance potential of current tablets with Pentium M processors. Its battery life is better, although not spectacular, as the tablet ran for 3 hours, 8 minutes.

TDV stands by the Vison V800XPT for a year with a variety of support offerings. While the Web site has drivers and setup instructions for downloading, Vison doesn't make the tablet's manual available online. And watch when you call tech support, because the technicians are there from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT on weekdays only. Allegedly, you can e-mail them a question at any time, although our query went unanswered.

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TDV Vison V800XPT
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