LAS VEGAS -- TCL has announced its first 4K LCD television, the QD559700, to feature Quantum Dots at CES 2015.

TCL claims the 55-inch 4K Ultra HD TV offers better image performance than an OLED with a quoted capability of "110 percent of the NTSC color space". Quantum-dot technology involves a film of tiny light-emitting crystals incorporated into the LCD panel which can emit more colors than typical LED backlights and LCD color-film combinations.

The TV is quite a looker with an attractive design featuring dedicated front-firing speakers.

The QD559700 is part of the company's "TV+" range which TCL says is designed to seamlessly combine multiple content platforms such as set-tops and gaming consoles. The TV+ combines the "latest display and acoustic processing technology" with interactive features such as multi-media sharing, a smart remote control and a electronic program guide.

TCL has yet to announce a comprehensive feature list, price or availability for the television