CNET didn't review the TCL S3700 series of 2015 Roku TVs, but we did review the S3800 series .

According to Roku and TCL, the two series are identical but for external styling -- namely the stands. The S3700 has a traditional central pedestal stand with a glass base, while the S3800 has a "quad pedestal stand" with far-splayed legs to either side. TCL also makes the S3850 series , which has a metallic gun-metal finish and an all-aluminum quad pedestal stand.

The S3700 series comes in 32-, 48- and 55-inch sizes, while the S3800 is available in 32-, 40- and 50-inch sizes. In both series the 32-inch model has 720p resolution and the larger sizes have 1080p resolution. The 32-inch sets also have different refresh rate specifications than the larger sizes.

Otherwise the S3700 and S3800 have identical features, and we expect them to evince very similar picture quality. For more details, check out the full review of the TCL S3800 series .