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TaxCut Premium 2003 review: TaxCut Premium 2003

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TaxCut 2003's tax interviews allow you to directly fill out IRS forms for easy tax preparation. However, the step-by-step interview stops short on some topics, such as Form 1040X for amended returns.

TaxCut 2003 handles more tax issues than its predecessor did. Its new Vacation Rental Assistant, for example, takes property owners through the tedious chore of determining the number of days a unit was rented, the percentage of personal use, and whether your rental income is taxable.

In several instances, however, TaxCut could do a better job of assisting with complex issues. Although the program includes a number of obscure forms, such as IRS Form 4684 for casualty and theft, the tax interviews sometimes stop short when you need them the most. For example, when claiming a deduction associated with a major disaster, such as a fire, a flood, or an earthquake, you are left alone to fill in an electronic version of Form 4684. TurboTax, on the other hand, provides better hand-holding as it asks you questions about the disaster and uses your information to automatically complete Form 4684. TaxCut takes a similar shortcut with Form 1040X (amended returns) as well, while TurboTax provides a whole interview.

The $29.95 (after a $10 mail-in rebate) price tag for TaxCut Premium 2003 is a bargain when you consider all the freebies that come with it: one TaxCut State program, one federal e-file, an "Ask a tax advisor" phone session, and a copy of H&R Block DeductionPro software for those who want to claim charitable donations.

TaxCut 2003 shines in the support department compared to TurboTax; it has more flexibility, with weekend phone-support hours and help via e-mail. H&R Block promises to answer e-mail queries within 48 hours. We sent a question to support staff through e-mail and found this to be true.

If you want more immediate assistance, H&R Block also provides online chat and phone support (not a toll-free call). Hours of operation for both are Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Friday through Sunday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET. When we called tech support, the support staff answered promptly and politely, typically within five minutes. But beware; wait times could climb as April 15 approaches. Another plus: TaxCut, unlike TurboTax, doesn't require users to try chat support before phoning a live technician.

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If you can't solve a tech problem using TaxCut's online knowledge base, you can also try H&R Block's e-mail, chat, or phone support.

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