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Tavo Gloves

Designed with the outdoorsman in mind, the Tavo Gloves for the Apple iPod keep your hands warm and your iPod rocking.

PlayPoint Tavo Gloves

The Apple iPod was the first MP3 player to feature a touch-sensitive scrollwheel. However, this nifty component presents a conundrum in cold weather: Either wear gloves and deny yourself iPod control, or don't wear gloves and freeze to death. Fortunately, PlayPoint has mitigated this issue with a pair of gloves that rely on the company's technology for full control of your iPod. The tips of the Tavo Gloves' thumb and index fingers are covered with nylon strips and a silver sheen that transport heat and make scrolling through menus and adjusting volume a breeze. In addition, the rest of the fingers and the palm portion of the gloves are lined with silicone grips to eliminate slippage while using your player. Although the sleek Tavo Gloves ($35) aren't designed for heavy winters or extreme cold (they're not waterproof), they provide adequate warmth and, as a bonus for the active user, moisture wicking. They can also be used as glove liners as regular gloves or mittens will fit over them. If this sounds a little too geeky to you--or you just don't like the style of the gloves--consider a tactile remote or the Nyko iTop Button Relocator, both of which can be used with regular gloves.

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