Tamron Ultimate Travel Kit review: Tamron Ultimate Travel Kit

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The Good Two lenses provide focal lengths from 11mm to 250mm. Filter kit and lens hoods included. Fairly light and inexpensive.

The Bad Wide-angle lens can produce vignetting. Minor distortion at widest focal length. Relatively slow.

The Bottom Line Tamron's Ultimate Travel Kit is a combo of lenses and accessories for amateur digital SLR photographers to explore their creativity.

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7.2 Overall

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Tamron's Ultimate Travel Kit comprises two zoom lenses for digital SLR cameras. One is a wide-angle lens (11-18mm) for capturing considerably extensive landscape shots and outlooks. The other is a versatile zoom lens (18-250mm) that gives flexibility for everyday photography such as portraits while still letting you focus in tight on the action.

Both are designed for dSLRs with reduced frame (APS-C) sensors, such as popular entry-level and mid-range dSLRs including Canon's EOS range such as the 40D and 400D, and most of Nikon's cameras like the popular D80 and D40.

A Conkon filter kit for landscape shots is also included, which includes adaptor rings for both lenses as well as warm, blue and sunset filters. Bayonet-style lens hoods are also included.

The wide-angle lens is fairly slow at f/4.5-5.6, while the 18-250mm lens is a full stop faster at f/3.5-6.3.

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