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TAG Heuer Connected Watch review: The most fashionable Android Wear watch comes at a price

You swipe through the notifications -- shown as "cards" on the screen -- using the round 1.5-inch touchscreen. It's bright and responsive, and the 360x360-pixel resolution is sufficient for reading texts (although close up you can see individual pixels). I'd like to see a higher resolution, given the high price.

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Which brings me on to my final point: the price. The watch costs a whopping £1,100 in the UK, $1,500 in the US and AU$2,000 in Australia. That's a lot to pay for a watch that does the same as the Moto 360, which costs only £229 or $300 (it's not yet available in Australia).

As a sweetener though, TAG Heuer has a scheme that allows you to trade in your Connected watch after two years, pay an extra £1,000, $1,500 or AU$2,000 and swap it for a mechanical watch, exclusively reserved for those of you who bought the Connected model. It's difficult to say whether this is a good deal or not, but it does at least mean that you'll have a watch to use long after the technology inside the Connected has become obsolete.

There's nothing wrong with the Connected watch itself. It's beautifully designed and those of you who want a fashionable name on your wrist, as well as a fancy new gadget, should at least go and take a look at one in a store. There's just no escaping that massive price tag though. If you're more excited about the smart features than the fancy name, save your money and go for any of the cheaper options.

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