In brief

The lead-up to summer always results in an avalanche of action-camcorder releases (pardon the unseasonal pun). Swann is the latest to attempt to knock the GoPro off its perch, with the Freestyle HD. Like its name, it captures full 1080p video at 30 frames per second, has stereo audio recording and can also be used as a traditional still 8-megapixel camera, should you so desire.

Unlike many of its other competitors, like the GoPro and the Contour Roam, the Freestyle HD has a detachable LCD, which lets you see what the camera is recording. It's only 4cm (or 1.5 inches), but should still be good enough to review footage immediately after it has been taken. The Freestyle HD can be taken into the surf, as it's waterproof up to 20 metres and can take up to 2.5 hours of footage on a single charge. It uses microSD cards for storing photos and video, and comes with a range of accessories in the box, such as mounting brackets and a remote control, so you can record the action on demand.

It's a little dearer than the Contour, retailing for AU$399 in selected Harvey Norman, Leading Edge and WOW Sight and Sound stores.