The SuperTooth Disco4 is due to ship in the next few months. SuperTooth

LAS VEGAS -- We expect to see a lot of new wireless Bluetooth speakers here at CES, and SuperTooth is on the board with its upcoming Disco4, a handheld speaker that features an integrated carrying strap, Bluetooth 4.0 and tap-to-pair NFC technology.

While no price has been set, SuperTooth says the Disco4, which weighs in at just over a pound, will ship in the next few months (Q1) and come in multiple colors. It's got 8 watts of power, is a bass-reflex system, and has a lithium ion battery that let's you stream music wirelessly for 3 to 12 hours per 2-hour charge depending on the volume level.

The back of the Disco4. SuperTooth

I don't see anything terribly exciting about it, but hopefully it will be affordable and sound decent for its size (SuperTooth speakers tend to send pretty good for what they are). We'll see it up close later today and I'll add some additional impressions and pictures once we do.