Super Mario Odyssey review: Why can't everything in life be as much fun as Super Mario Odyssey?

The Good Super Mario Odyssey is a fantastic game that introduces Mario's ability to "capture" items and creatures around the world. It's filled to the brim with inventive kingdoms, superb gameplay, tons of secrets and so much more.

The Bad Using motion controls isn't always fun or intuitive, especially when playing on the go.

The Bottom Line Super Mario Odyssey is a brilliant addition to the library of Nintendo's most notable character and is an absolute must-own for anyone with a Nintendo Switch -- and a prime reason to buy one if you don't have one already.

This is the weirdest Mario game yet and I couldn't be happier. 

Super Mario Odyssey is easily one of the best Mario games ever made and its mere existence is a rarely seen acknowledgement by Nintendo of the evolving video game landscape. The Nintendo Switch ($300 at Amazon) tandem of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and now Odyssey display a precise threading of the needle, expertly balancing the delicate nuances of Nintendo's legacy and modern gameplay archetypes.

Simultaneously, Nintendo has evolved Mario into an open-world experience that extends far beyond platforming or action-adventure -- all while honoring the character's 30-plus year journey by nodding at so many cornerstones along the way.


Mario disregards all traffic rules in New Donk City.

Nintendo/Screenshot by Jeff Bakalar/CNET

Super Mario Odyssey works so well because it takes chances and rarely plays it safe. It's the progression of Mario you've always wanted but could never put into words. The openness of Mario 64 matched with the creativity and surprise of Super Mario Galaxy are on display here, which result in something that genuinely feels fresh.

Nearly everything about Odyssey, from the tiny expressions on Mario's face to the infectious music throughout the entire game, all feels like a meticulously handcrafted work of art. Its painstaking attention to detail can be found right in front of you or hidden away for only a select few to ever find.

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In the game players will take control of Mario as he chases Bowser from kingdom to kingdom in a search for Power Moons, the fuel that propels his ship, the Odyssey. After an initial encounter, Mario's hat is destroyed and resurrected by Cappy, a hat-like-creature-thing that is able to morph into various hats Mario can wear.


I always wanted to be a Chain Chomp.

Nintendo/Screenshot by Jeff Bakalar/CNET

Cappy lets Mario toss his hat at enemies and items, and more interestingly, "capture" stuff as well. There are so many things I did in Odyssey that I never thought I'd ever see Mario do. I became a T. rex, a zipper, a tank -- it just goes on and on.

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