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Sumdex Meg Cosmo Brief review: Sumdex Meg Cosmo Brief

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The Good Attractive design; ample pocket space.

The Bad A bit small for many 15-inch laptops.

The Bottom Line The attractive Sumdex Meg Cosmo Brief is well padded and has plenty of space for accessories, but it can handle only smaller laptops.

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7.5 Overall

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Sumdex Meg Cosmo Brief

One of five bags in Sumdex's She Rules collection, the Sumdex Meg Cosmo Brief focuses on style but doesn't leave functionality behind. ItÂ’s aptly padded and has plenty of storage pockets, but itÂ’s on the small side, so if youÂ’re looking to transport your bulky 15-inch laptop with it, youÂ’re out of luck.

This $90 bag is soft, light, and comfortable to carry, even when itÂ’s protecting a heavier laptop. The laptop compartment is relatively small--our bulky laptop with a 15-inch screen wouldnÂ’t quite fit, but a slimmer 15-inch laptop did--but the compartment is well padded and has a nylon-and-Velcro strap to keep your laptop securely in place. A roomy main section with two large mesh pockets can easily hold a variety of accessories. On the bagÂ’s exterior are three additional pockets: one pouch on the side, which is kept closed by a magnet, and two large zippered pockets on the other side. A removable accessories pouch is included.

Available in six different colors, the Meg Cosmo Brief has two comfortable leather handles and comes with a removable, well-padded shoulder strap thatÂ’s the same color as the bag.

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