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Strontium Hawk 120GB review: Strontium Hawk 120GB

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We're admittedly being a bit tough on the SandForce controller, as it performs its best with compressible data. Yet despite this, Strontium's Hawk holds its own reasonably well. While as a general rule higher capacities tend to be faster, Strontium's 120GB manages to hold out against SanDisk's 240GB in writes, even though they use the same controller. No doubt if we had a 240GB Hawk in the labs, it would be an interesting beast.

Strontium's biggest threat, though, is OCZ's Agility 4; while the Hawk for the most part takes the sequential cake, the Agility eats it for breakfast when you start throwing multiple requests at it. You also have to take into account that you squeeze out another 7GB of usable data from the Agility, and that it can generally be found for cheaper. In terms of bang for buck, it's a hard drive to beat.

Still, these days it's all about pricing — and if you can find the Hawk for a good price, then it's certainly nothing to turn your nose up at.

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