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The Good Light and sturdy with durable reinforced handle. Surprisingly roomy, fits an A4 notepad as well as a laptop. Easy to remove at presentations, meetings or security checks.

The Bad Males may not like the colour. Only one colour/style choice at this stage. Neoprene smell may be a put off.

The Bottom Line This is a great option for those looking for a simple bag to carry their laptop around the city and to meetings. It could also be used as solid protection for your laptop within a carry-on suitcase, larger size tote or backpack.

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8.0 Overall

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The STM Zebra is a blue-and-black pinstripe neoprene jacket for your laptop that can be used on its own or as extra protection within another bag. It features a very sturdy reinforced handle, a keyboard cover and a YKK zipper to close the bag.

Anyone looking to travel light will appreciate the Zebra, as it's a step up from typical sleeve or portfolio type laptop covers and it has a handle so it can serve as a bag in its own right. Intended to be for unisex use, an informal poll showed that most males found the zebra-stripe design to be slightly feminine in appearance.

The Zebra comes in 13-inch, 15-inch and 17-inch models. The bag we looked at for this review was the 13-inch model. It was surprisingly roomy -- both a Thinkpad x61 and an Apple MacBook fit comfortably -- and it took no effort at all to zip the bag up. The lip under the zipper that protects the notebook from any potential scratching is a nice feature. With the Thinkpad, we were able to fit an A4 spiral notebook and a few other personal items in quite comfortably, but the zipper could not be completely done up. There are no other pockets within the Zebra, however with its pouch design, it's fairly easy to slip a few extra thin) items in alongside.

We tested the Zebra as a standalone bag, although it could also easily be slipped into your carry-on suitcase, a larger leather tote or backpack to give added protection. The Zebra's design makes it extremely easy to insert or remove laptops, which is a great help at airport security checks and when running to various meetings around the city.

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