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SplashWallet Suite review: SplashWallet Suite

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SplashMoney is a bit different from the other software in the suite in that there is no desktop application. Instead, it meshes with personal-finance programs such as Intuit's Quicken and Microsoft Money. There are also templates for the various accounts you might have, such as checking, savings, and those for your credit cards, and you can schedule reminders for upcoming transactions and reconcile account statements. In addition, SplashMoney can generate reports and budgets.

Last but not least, there's SplashShopper. This isn't some rudimentary app for creating grocery lists. Aside from groceries, you can create shopping lists for books, gifts, music, wine, and even Chinese takeout. Even better, both the desktop and handheld components have sophisticated functions through which you can categorize each entry, specify quantities, include prices and coupons, note store locations, and so forth. Admittedly, all this can be a bit overwhelming, especially when a simple handwritten list will do, but we found that once we used the program for a couple of days, it was useful not only as a shopping reminder but also for tracking expenses.

SplashData offers a number of support options that are useful and informative. During setup, the program installs comprehensive user guides (as PDFs) for each application, and the company's Web site is also a wealth of information, with a FAQ section and a group forum. If these resources still don't answer your questions, you can submit an e-mail query form with a promised turnaround of one business day.

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