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Speck SkinTight for iPod Shuffle

The Speck SkinTight should pique anyone's color palette with its six colors, but it falls short of perfection as it does not allow the user access to the USB connector while in the case.

Speck Skintight

If you want to protect your iPod Shuffle's pristine white surface, look to the Speck SkinTight, a rubbery plastic case that covers everything but the switch on the rear. It's durable and translucent, with a grippy feel, so you can see the dial controls through it. The SkinTight also comes with its own Shuffle cap covered in matching casing, since the standard cap won't work with a SkinTight-covered Shuffle. The only problem we found is that our Shuffle wouldn't plug into a USB port or a Shuffle dock while in the SkinTight, since the case prevented the USB connector from inserting far enough. You can buy the SkinTight in one of six colors ($19.95 each) or save money by buying the black, pink, and clear three-pack ($29.95).

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