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Soyo Dymond DYLMO19A review: Soyo Dymond DYLMO19A

The Soyo Dymond DYLMO19A has the look and feel of a bargain LCD, but it adds good image quality, built-in speakers, and a digital-input option. However, you can find better, more adjustable monitors for the price.

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Soyo Dymond DYLMO19A

The Soyo Dymond DYLMO19A has a bargain-bin look and feel, but its good image quality, built-in speakers, and digital connectivity outweigh its aesthetic shortcomings. The Soyo's $400 MSRP is too high for its limited offerings, but if you can find it for less (we found it online for $250), it's worth a look. Otherwise, the Westinghouse LCM-19v5 delivers better performance for less money, and the Dell UltraSharp 1905FP offers greater adjustability and performance at a gentler price point.


Soyo Dymond DYLMO19A

The Good

The Soyo Dymond DYLMO19A has good image quality for the price, and it offers a digital port and a stylish design.

The Bad

The Soyo Dymond DYLMO19A lacks height adjustment, has a short two-year warranty, and offers limited tech-support hours.

The Bottom Line

The Soyo Dymond DYLMO19A has the look and feel of a bargain LCD, but it adds good image quality, built-in speakers, and a digital-input option. However, you can find better, more adjustable monitors for the price.

The Soyo Dymond DYLMO19A has a basic design, but its oblong base and slim cabinet contribute to a sleek appearance. It comes in black or silver and is unadorned except for the Soyo logo and some labels on the control panel. It has a svelte appearance, with a narrow 0.75-inch bezel. The panel is also thin--a mere 1.5 inches deep, whereas most LCD panels run about 2 inches deep. Instead of putting the power source behind the display, Soyo has added an external power brick to the cord, giving the Soyo its slim profile. At the back of the DYLMO19A's panel are digital and analog connections (both types of cable are included) as well as power and audio ports.

As a less expensive monitor, the Soyo Dymond DYLMO19A sacrifices the stability and the adjustability found on other displays. It tilts forward 10 degrees and backward 30, but you can't swivel the panel, though the slippery base allows for easy turning. You can't adjust its height, either, which is unfortunate, as the DYLMO19A is extremely short: the bottom edge of the bezel stands just two inches above the desktop (three inches would better suit the average user). The monitor's base is a relatively small oblong ring that matches the monitor's sleek appearance. Unfortunately, it doesn't keep the monitor stable, wobbling at the slightest touch.

In keeping with the DYLMO19A's clean look, the five control-panel buttons are placed out of sight on the underside of the bezel's bottom edge. The onscreen menu is very basic but easy to navigate. Nearly hidden in the bottom bezel is a pair of built-in 2-watt speakers. Their sound quality is fairly poor, and there are no dedicated buttons on the bezel for volume adjustment.

The Soyo DYLMO19A performed well on CNET Labs' DisplayMate-based performance tests. Its clear, dark text was easily legible. We noticed some noise in the center of the screen, and the display's uniformity was subpar, with the top of the panel showing substantially higher brightness than the bottom. Color and grayscales showed some off tints, but the monitor performed well enough for general use.

Given the DYLMO19A's relatively slow 16ms response rate, we weren't surprised by its mediocre DVD-playback performance. Colors, including skin tones, looked accurate, but we saw lots of noise, especially in background areas. Gaming performance was better, with sharp-looking backgrounds and bright colors.

The Soyo DYLMO19A comes with a two-year limited warranty--a year shorter than most LCD warranties--and you must register with Soyo to receive coverage. Telephone tech support is available only on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT, and the call is not toll-free. E-mail tech support, troubleshooting tools, and FAQs are easily accessible on Soyo's support site.

CNET Labs DisplayMate tests
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Brightness in cd/m2


Soyo Dymond DYLMO19A

Score Breakdown

Design 5Features 6Performance 6Support 5Setup 7