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Soundmatters FoxL Dash 7 Bluetooth speaker review: A top micro wireless speaker that's pricey

However, like the Mini Jambox, the Dash 7 does have its sound limitations. You can only get so much bass out of the speaker and it just doesn't sound all that great with bass-heavy material and complicated rock tracks, especially when you crank the volume. Sound will be distorted with certain tracks. Also, it's hard to keep the Dash 7 propped on the stand when you raise the volume because the speaker does vibrate and will slip away from the magnetized case.

Propped vertically in its case (click image to enlarge). Sarah Tew/CNET

It's strongest with acoustical tracks, which come across most clearly, and it also works well as a mini sound bar for video watching on a tablet or laptop. (In fact, Soundmatters is promoting it as a tablet companion and says it "fits beautifully below an iPad or other tablet without blocking your view, providing omnidirectional sound for watching movies and music videos.")

The only major issue I had with the Dash 7 is its price. As it stands, it'll cost you about $220 while the Mini Jambox can be had for around $50 less. Despite the Mini's sleek look, I think the Dash 7 does have some design advantages. I like its rounded corners and it's a little lighter than the Mini while feeling almost as sturdy. But it's hard to justify spending the extra money on it.

In the end, both the Jambox Mini and the Soundmatters FoxL Dash 7 are very much about the convenience of having a tiny, relatively decently performing speaker that takes up little room in a bag. There are better-sounding $200 wireless speakers, such as the UE Boom and Bose SoundLink Mini, that are about twice the size and weight, and they're the better choice if you want better sound. However, the Dash 7 is right there at the top of the micro wireless speaker class. I just think it should cost a little less.

The bottom has rubberized feet (click image to enlarge). Sarah Tew/CNET

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