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SoundID SID Six (Black/Silver) review: SoundID SID Six (Black/Silver)

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MSRP: $99.99

The Good The Sound ID Six has a clean design and comes with three ear loop sizes and an app for easy customization and setup.

The Bad The Six's sound quality is disappointing, the mute function takes too long to activate, and I kept hearing a tapping noise in the background.

The Bottom Line Though the Sound ID Six comes with a few interesting customization options, its $99.99 price tag is too high for its underwhelming performance.

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6.3 Overall
  • Design 6
  • Features 7
  • Performance 6

Sometimes, you just need to go hands-free. And with the infinite list of Bluetooth headsets out there, choosing the right device may get tricky. Sound ID's Six is a $99.99 headset with three microphones. In addition to offering voice dialing and three ear loop sizes, it also comes with an app called EarPrint. And while I did enjoy the number of customizable options included in the app, I was unimpressed with the headset's call quality.

The Sound ID Six has a sleek and modern design. Its subtle black-and-gray checkered pattern was more noticeable in the light, and its rectangular shape wasn't obtrusive when I wore it in my ear. The device measures 1.88 inches wide, 0.6 inch tall, and 0.37 inch thick. It's lightweight, weighing only 0.3 ounce, and my ear did not get sore or feel bogged down while I wore it.

The headset comes with an earphone foam cover and three ear loops for large, medium, and small ears. The small size suited me well, and it stayed firmly and comfortably planted inside my ear.

Held horizontally, the Six features an LED indicator light on the left, which signals when it's on, when it's done charging, or when it's paired with a device. On the left edge is a Micro-USB port for charging, and the bottom edge hosts an on/off switch.

The Sound ID Six's Micro-USB port. Josh Miller/CNET

To adjust the volume, simply slide your finger across the device. Sliding toward your ear will increase the volume, while sliding toward your mouth will decrease it. To answer and end calls, press onto the device directly until you hear a click. You can also quickly press it twice to listen to the VoiceMenu, which includes a slew of customizable commands (more on that later). Though it's comfortable overall, pressing against it for the click was a little bothersome since it pushes the device deeper into your ear.

The headset works in conjunction with an app called EarPrint. With the app you can adjust the incoming sound quality (how heavy the bass or treble are) and the sound level. There are also toggle switches that will turn on and off the noise reducer (which decreases background noise) and Pass Thru mode (which allows you to hear surrounding noises).

If you lose your Six, you can enable the Find My Headset feature that makes it emit a loud beeping sound for 20 seconds. In addition, you can customize VoiceMenu settings and choose the order of commands: dialing voice mail, redialing, activating voice dial, checking battery status, turning Pass Thru on and off, and dialing Sound ID's hotline.

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