Sound Blaster Recon3D Omega Wireless review: Sound Blaster Recon3D Omega Wireless

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Sound quality is great — sharp, clear, with solid bass that doesn't overwhelm. When multiplaying, the Scout Mode comes into its own: once turned on, it enhances the sounds your opponents make, rather than your own or environmental noises. At times, it felt like we had super hearing, and it was great.

When we tested on the Xbox, we initially had a few crackles and pops from the wireless signal, but this happened only once, and it wasn't noticeable in later gaming sessions. As with all wireless headsets, interference may be an issue, but it will all come down to your environment.

Voice chat was clear on both sides, with our own voice and those of other players easy to hear and not too loud or too quiet compared to the other gaming sounds.


There's actually very little to complain about with the Recon3D Omega, but there are a few points worth noting. While the headphones hold around an eight-hour battery charge, because it's an internal battery, you can't quickly swap a couple of AAs when the power fails, unlike, say, the Turtle Beach XP500.

As with all headphones, the controls on the ear cups can be tricky to find — which is not a problem when the USB sound card is nearby, but if it's sitting over near a gaming console some distance away, it can be fiddly.

The mic boom can be removed, but it can't be swung up to auto mute like some other headsets, and you'll still need a cable connecting the headphones to the Xbox controller if you want to chat in game on Xbox Live.

The headphones also had a little bit of sound leakage, but nothing too bad.


For the mid-level price, these are a top set of headphones, whether you're a PC or console gamer. Great sound quality combines with a comfortable design in the Sound Blaster Recon3D Omega Wireless, and we can happily recommend this headset for gamers of all stripes.

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