Sony Xperia Go review: Sony Xperia Go

Battery life is decent, but not surprising in any way. It's 1305mAh battery is puny next to the heftier batteries in bigger phones, but then, a phone with a 3.5-inch display doesn't need an enormous battery to keep it running. The Xperia Go lasted for just over five-hours in both of our endurance tests, placing it at the lower end of the battery life charts for the year, but in day-to-day use, the Go fairs better. We easily managed to get through a work day with the Go, though not much further.


Matching its smaller frame, the Go has a lower-resolution camera than most of its Xperia stable-mates. It makes the most of its 5-megapixels though, taking some nice, colourful shots that are more often in focus than not. We also like that you get a quick photo option on the lock-screen, which lets you slide and shoot in about two-seconds.

It's worth pointing out that the Go doesn't have a front-facing camera, so there will be no Skype skydiving with this phone, unfortunately.

I love that this poster is as close as PSY will get to this Gangnam Style themed night.
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The camera in the Go deals well with the high dynamic range in this shot and finds some good colour.
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Gonna make you sweat

Not only is the Xperia Go designed physically with sporty-types in mind, but Sony has also packed a bunch of sports-related apps into the phone, too. Our review unit came pre-loaded with four exercise tools on the home screen: Compass, Walkmate, Figure Running and miCoach.

On a related note, the Xperia Go also has Sony's LiveWare Manager app installed. We've seen this handy tool on other Xperia's recently and we love it. Basically, it manages how the phone responds when different accessories are inserted into its various ports. You can, for example, launch a specific music playing app when you plug headphones in, or set a certain power mode when you connect the phone to the charger.


We often refer to the challenge of cheaper phones revolving around sacrifices, and we feel that Sony has made some excellent decisions here. The Xperia Go is a rare example of a phone that has been designed for a specific type of smartphone users, and we think it ticks the appropriate boxes. When the alternative is to envelope an iPhone in a huge rubber case, the Xperia Go seems excellent for those of us who usually damage our phones on the weekends.

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