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Imagine a virtual assistant that feeds you information on tap but doesn't require you to wear eyegear or block outside sounds. Sony has pulled the tarpaulin off its newest earphone, the Xperia Ear "Open-Style Concept," which is the company's latest stab at Google Assistant-fueled headgear.

Like the existing Xperia Ear, this concept is powered by the Sony Agent Technology personal assistant, which is operated through voice interaction and head gestures. The Concept is a mono wireless headset and uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Unlike the original Xperia Ear, though, this concept earpiece use bone conduction to transmit music and conversations to your inner ear. It does this with "two highly powerful spatial acoustic conductors and driver units." This keeps your lugholes free to hear the environment around you. Though it has an in-ear piece, this is for anchoring the headset, not transmitting sound. Sony says the final product would be more flexible than the solid plastic version on display.

The earpiece's new features include Anytime Talk, which lets you start a group conversation with a simple single button press or head movement.

Sony has yet to announce availability or price of this concept headphone, though the original Xperia Ear is available now for $199 and £179 (but not yet in Australia, where the US price converts to about AU$260).

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