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Sony VPL-ES2 review: Sony VPL-ES2

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MSRP: $1,249.00

The Good Automatic setup; video-oriented features; slick design; good color quality.

The Bad Premium price; low brightness and contrast; limited remote control.

The Bottom Line The Sony VPL-ES2 impressed us with its style rather than its substance, though its video capabilities are best-in-class.

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5.8 Overall
  • Design 8
  • Features 7
  • Performance 4
  • Support 5

Sony VPL-ES2

The Sony brand is known for slick design, high-quality video, and--unfortunately--premium pricing. This is indeed the case with the Sony SuperLite VPL-ES2, a simple but elegantly designed entry-level projector. Although its contrast performance is disappointing, it has a slew of impressive automatic-setup features and good color quality and is quite adept at handling video entertainment applications. These virtues aren't cheap, however--at more than $1,000, the ES2 costs about $150 more than a typical budget projector.

Of average size for a budget projector, measuring 11.1 by 8.7 by 3.7 inches, the Sony ES2 tips the scales at 6.3 pounds, which is a bit heavier than most of its competition. In fact, only the InFocus X2, at 6.7 pounds, weighs more. The ES2 has a sleek, minimalist rectangular design with a silver-and-gray color scheme. As a nice added touch, the Sony logo on the back panel lights up. And why not? That's part of what you're paying for. The top panel is bare but for a stylish chrome-plated strip of buttons. On the right side of the projector are all the connectors, including audio, video, S-Video, and analog input, however, only an analog cable is included. The inclusion of these standard video ports makes it possible to connect the ES2 to your progressive-scan DVD player with a set of relatively inexpensive, standard component-video cables.

Beyond its elegant design, the real magic begins when you turn this beauty on. The lens cover automatically opens and the projector tilts up to its previously set elevation. Unlike more expensive Sony models, the focus is not set automatically, but it's easy to adjust via the focus wheel that sits on the projector's right panel, next to the optical zoom.

Though the ES2 ships with a small, credit-card-size remote control, it lacks important presentation-oriented features such as a laser pointer and buttons that will allow you to page through a PowerPoint slide show. These features are found on remotes included with other budget projectors such as the BenQ 6110 and the Dell 1100MP. The ES2's remote does include a few less crucial features, such as digital zooming and an APA button, which synchronizes the projector to your laptop's signal.

We like the ES2's straightforward control panel, located atop the projector. The six buttons are arranged in a single row, and one button doubles as a pointing stick for navigating the projector's menu. Our favorite feature is the pair of buttons that control the projector's angle: just press a button and the projector tilts up or down. The projector also automatically eliminates any keystone or trapezoidal image problems.

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