The Sony Vaio T Series 15. Sony

LAS VEGAS--Go big, add touch. Sony's subdued CES formula in a nutshell.

Sony's latest Vaio T Series 15 is a new, larger ultrabook with 1080p, sporting a 10-finger multitouch display. It joins the fray of a seemingly endless run of touch-enabled laptops at this year's CES that continue to be announced with knee-jerk predictability. Sony's also adding a touch-screen option to the Vaio T 14 that's already on sale.

Yes, having touch on a Windows 8 laptop is better than not having touch, but it's hard to get excited at all about its presence on any new CES product. Further details on the new 15-inch Vaio T are forthcoming.

In case you forgot, Sony's Vaio T Series 13 ultrabook with touch was one of the front-running laptops at Windows 8 launch. All the T-series ultrabooks have a thin aluminum-and-magnesium construction and a pretty standard look and feel. The new Vaio T Series 15 starts at $950 and the touch-enabled Vaio T Series 14 at $800 when they launch this spring.

Vaio Duo 11. Sony

And, hey, guess what? Sony's compact little sliding-screen Duo 11 is now available in silver. Just in case you care.