Sony's midrange 2015 receivers get more streaming features

Sony has announced that its new STR-DN1060 and STR-DN860 receivers will get a host of new streaming functions, including Google Cast and Bluetooth headphone support.

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Ty Pendlebury

Sony has announced updated versions of our two favorite receivers from 2014 -- the $500 Sony STR-DN860 and $600 STR-DN1060 -- which will now include multiroom streaming features as well as automation capabilities. The receivers offer built-in Wi-Fi and with it AirPlay, Spotify Connect and now Google Cast, in addition to LDAC Bluetooth streaming from mobile devices. Uniquely, Sony has also announced the receivers will be capable of streaming to a set of Bluetooth headphones.

Sony has launched its own multiroom streaming system called SongPal Link,which is compatible with its newest sound bars and the new SRS-X99 and SRS-X88 Wireless Speakers. The STR-DN1060 (reviewed here) and STR-DN860 use SongLink to stream music throughout the house, making it potentially more powerful than either Spotify Connect or AirPlay.

Meanwhile the specifications are very similar to those of the previous year's receivers, with six HMDI ports (STR-DN1060) and five HDMI (STR-DN860), respectively, plus 100W per channel and 95W per channel driven in stereo.

The receivers will play back 4K content with HDMI 2.0/HDCP 2.2 support and will also play hi-res audio files including Sony's own DSD format.

Given the strong showing of Sony's midrange receivers over the last couple of years, the '860 and '1060 could be the ones to look out for in 2015, as long as Sony hasn't meddled with the performance formula.

The receivers are available now.