Sony's new DVD recorder, the RDR HXD760, is the first from the Japanese giant to come with a digital TV tuner built-in. Don't get too excited though -- the built-in tuner is only an SD one, but partnered with DVD recording capabilities (including dual layer DVD) and a 160GB hard drive, it's a pretty compelling package nonetheless.

As you'd expect from a digital tuner with a hard drive, the HXD760 can allow users to do actions such as pausing live TV. Sony claims close to 249 hours of recordings can be made to the 160GB drive (on the long play mode), while high-speed dubbing (64x) allows you to transfer hard drive recordings direct to DVD.

The RDR HXD760 isn't due out until October, so we don't have all the details yet about the unit's connectivity. Hopefully it'll have everything we're used to now in recent products, including HDMI.

And did we mention it's only an SD tuner?

For AU$999, the RDR HXD760's 160GB hard drive, DVD recording capabilities and built-in digital tuner seems like a winning proposition.