Quick Take: Sony released two series of entry-level BRAVIA-branded flat-panel LCD HDTVs in 2006, and the two lowest-priced models comprise the Sony KLV-U100M series. It consists of two televisions: the 32-inch KLV-32U100M ($1,700) and the 40-inch KLV-40U100M ($2,800). They differ from their somewhat higher-priced--by $200, to be exact--brethren, the KDL-S2000 series, because these two lack an ATSC tuner. In fact, they don't have a tuner at all; to watch television on either one, you'll need to attach an external tuner, such as a cable or satellite box. Otherwise, they behave just like normal TVs, which leads some observers, us included, to wonder whether anyone needs a TV with a built-in tuner, anyway.

Aside from lacking tuners, both the KLV-32U100M and the KLV-40U100M have the following important specs:

We expect their image quality will be identical to that of the tuner-equipped KDL-S2000 series, but we'll know more once we have a chance to check out a review sample.