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Sony's KDL-W802A LED promises more of the same

Aside from a couple of new features and sleeker styling, the Sony W802A series looks a lot like last year's unimpressive KDL-HX750.


LAS VEGAS--Last year we reviewed nearly every Sony TV, so I feel confident in guessing that the 2013 KDL-W802A series will perform about the same as the 2012 KDL-HX750 series. In other words, not so great. But judging from the picture above, it does look cooler.

The HX750's real Achilles' heel was value, however, so until Sony announces pricing on the KDL-W802A (and until we, you know, test the dang thing), there's no telling how its final rating will shake out.

In terms of picture specifications, the HX750 and W802A are very similar, both sporting edge-lit LED backlights without the local dimming seen on the step-up W900A (don't let Sony's "frame dimming" fool you; local it isn't).

From the information I was given, it's unclear exactly how else, aside from styling and available screen sizes, the W802A differs from the step-down R550A in terms of features. I assume it has a 240Hz refresh rate compared with the R550A's 120Hz, and active 3D compared with the 550's passive, but I don't know for sure yet.

The XBR-X900 also offers all of the new features of the the R550A, including NFC and RVU (click through for an explanation). Beyond those fancy extras is a full helping of Smart TV, including the Sony Entertainment Network of course, and the company says the interface has been improved (it needed it).

The Sony KDL-W802A series (available in 46- and 55-inch sizes) ships this spring.

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