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Sony KD-34XBR960 review: Sony KD-34XBR960

  • 1

The Good Highest resolution of any consumer direct-view HDTV; independent memory per input; excellent color decoding.

The Bad Bulky tube form factor.

The Bottom Line This is the reference standard for picture quality among direct-view HDTVs and happens to be a great value.

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8.1 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 8
  • Performance 9

Review summary

Sony's 34-inch wide-screen tube-based direct-view HDTV, the KD-34XBR960, is simply the best-performing television of its kind on the market. Its screen boasts an incredible 1,400 lines of horizontal resolution, which allows it to resolve more detail with high-def sources than any other direct-view tube. It can deliver deeper blacks than any non-tube TV, and it offers two key improvements over last year's excellent KV-34XBR910: accurate color decoding and independent picture memory per input. In the smaller-than-40-inch category, the KD-34XBR960 earns its place as CNET's reference HDTV. Add to all that a list price of $2,200--another improvement compared to last year--and you also have a compelling value.

Editor's note: We have changed the rating in this review to reflect recent changes in our rating scale. Click here to find out more.

The design of the 960 series is quite attractive. The perfectly flat screen is surrounded by a dark gray, almost black border, which is in turn trimmed with a thin vertical line of silver on the sides of the set. A Memory Stick slot and a full set of A/V inputs are housed beneath the flip-down door on the front.

This TV's one Achilles' heel is size. Compared to flat-panel plasmas and LCDs of similar screen size, the KV-34XBR960 is both deep (24 inches) and heavy (196 pounds). The optional matching stand or some other sturdy riser will be necessary to get the TV to eye level, and lifting it there will require at least two strong people.

The remote uses the same design as Sony's previous XBR direct-views from the past several years and remains among our favorites. It is a universal model with some of the key buttons illuminated for use in the dark and secondary controls stashed behind a flip-up lid.

On the other hand, the internal menu system has been completely redesigned. We found it cleaner and more intuitive than previous iterations, with all the functions highlighted in orange. The menu bar is now vertically oriented, which makes navigation even easier.

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