Sony Ericsson Xperia Play 4G (AT&T) review: Sony Ericsson Xperia Play 4G (AT&T)

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MSRP: $399.99

The Good The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play 4G integrates phone and gaming features like no other handset before it. It offers all the essential smartphone features, and call quality is respectable.

The Bad Some of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play 4G's gaming controls are unresponsive. It lacks an HDMI-out port, photo quality is poor, and data speeds are unimpressive.

The Bottom Line AT&T's Sony Ericsson Xperia Play 4G is ideal for gamers, but we'd prefer to see more-accurate controls, a few more features, and a faster data network.

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7.3 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 7
  • Performance 8

Editors' note: For this review, we focused on the performance differences between AT&T's phone and the Verizon model. For a full analysis of the Xperia Play's design and features, check out our review of Verizon's Xperia Play.

When Sony Ericsson finally launched the Xperia Play "PlayStation phone" back in February at Mobile World Congress, it shocked the world by saying that the handset would make its global debut in the United States on Verizon Wireless. Not only was Sony Ericsson new on Big Red, but also this was a hard pill to swallow for the largely Eurocentric audience in Barcelona, Spain. But even for us statesiders, the news wasn't exactly what we wanted to hear. We had been waiting for a while to see the phone, after all, and we hoped that Sony Ericsson would share the carrier love.

Fortunately, that time has arrived with the arrival of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play 4G on AT&T. Though essentially the same as the Verizon Xperia Play, the AT&T model adds support for AT&T's "4G" HSPA+ network. That will add a bit of extra speed over 3G AT&T phones, but it's actually a bit slower than Verizon's EV-DO Rev. A network. Call quality, on the other hand, was decent and you get enough features to keep you busy. As before, we don't love everything about the design and we wish it had an HDMI-out port, but the Xperia Play 4G is a nifty gaming device.

Like its Verizon twin, the Xperia Play 4G has a bright, 4-inch display and a responsive touch screen, and the phone is big (4.68 inches long by 2.44 inches wide by 0.63 inch) and hefty (6.17 ounces). A relatively clean version of Gingerbread powers the phone, which we welcome. Sony Ericsson's Timescape interface is onboard as well, though it doesn't take away from the Android experience too much.

You'll find the same controls as on the Verizon Xperia Play for making calls, sending messages, using the standard smartphone features, and playing games. For the most part, they're easy to use, though the gaming controls pose a few challenges. The circular touch controls can be unresponsive, for example, and the shoulder buttons feel rather flimsy.

The Xperia Play's gaming controls are unique for a phone. A virtual keyboard is used to input text.

We still think that for a phone as highly anticipated as the Xperia Play, Sony Ericsson could have come up with a few more features. It's certainly respectable, but not exactly meaty. You get Wi-Fi, messaging and e-mail, a 5-megapixel camera, a smaller front-facing camera, a personal organizer, a full Web browser, and the usual assortment of Android apps. One feature we particularly missed was an HDMI-out port. On the other hand, we like how the Xperia Play 4G lets you arrange apps manually or by most used, recently installed, or alphabetically.

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