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Sony Ericsson P990i review: Sony Ericsson P990i

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The Web browser is great -- one of its best features is that you can push it into landscape mode using all 320 pixels of screen width for viewing, and opt for 'full screen' mode which takes away a lot of the non-Web info. If you don't want to browse over the air you can use Wi-Fi if you have a suitable network. Bluetooth and infrared are both also here.

Other applications include a diary and contact book, a calculator, a converter, a stopwatch, a timer, an RSS reader, an image viewer, a sound recorder and MusicDJ for creating your own ringtones.

There are some serious usability problems though, not least that you don't have access to every feature when the flip is up -- eg the touchscreen and the Control Panel. When the flip is down and the touchscreen is available, some of its tappable icons are very small. You are going to need to put some effort into learning to use this handset -- and probably read the manual fully -- if you want to get the best from it.

Voice and video calls were both fine, the camera produced clear and sharp shots, though perhaps a little darker than we'd like on the auto setting.

Battery life was above average and if you are fairly frugal with wireless and 3G usage you should be able to last a few days between charges.

Thanks to Expansys for providing a review sample of this phone.

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Additional editing by Kate Macefield

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