Sony Ericsson Naite review: Sony Ericsson Naite

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The Good Fast 3G and HSDPA data speeds; simple operation; long battery life.

The Bad Low-resolution camera; microSD card slot is hidden under the back cover.

The Bottom Line You won't find any touchscreen controls, flashy features or design frills on the Sony Ericsson Naite. This eco-friendly handset takes a comparatively straightforward approach to the business of being a mobile phone, and, besides its camera, it does a pretty good job. Simple to use and offering lengthy battery life, the Naite makes it easy to go green

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7.5 Overall

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Earlier in the year, Sony Ericsson announced its intention to produce a line of environmentally-friendly mobile phones. The Naite is one of the first fruits of the manufacturer's labours. It'll cost you about £100 on a pay-as-you-go deal, and be available from free on a £20-per-month, 18-month contract.

Green credentials
From the outside, the Naite looks like little more than a subtle rehash of the manufacturer's 2003 favourite, the T610, with a distinctive, two-tone body made from aluminium and black plastic. The main difference is that the plastic used on the Naite comes largely from recycled sources.

As part of Sony Ericsson's GreenHeart programme, the Naite (along with its sister handset, the C901) offers a number of green benefits, including eco-friendly packaging and a more power-efficient charger. According to the manufacturer, these measures combined should help to shrink the device's carbon footprint by something in the region of 15 per cent. That makes the Naite an interesting option for anyone concerned by the impact that the disposable nature of mobile phones and related technologies is having on the environment.

The Naite's 2-megapixel camera is okay for taking photos destined for Facebook and the like, but not much else

Reducing your CO2 footprint doesn't necessarily mean reducing the usefulness of your mobile, though. The Naite comes equipped to deal with 3G and HSDPA network speeds, and most modern handset features are present, including a camera, video-call capability, Bluetooth, email, MMS, Java gaming, and MP3 and AAC music playback. There are a few useful extras too, such as an FM radio, access to PlayNow arena (Sony Ericsson's music, game, and ringtone download service), and the TrackID feature, which can recognise virtually any music it hears and tell you the name of the song and the artist.

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