Sony Ericsson MPS-75 Snap-On Speaker review: Sony Ericsson MPS-75 Snap-On Speaker

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The Good The Sony Ericsson MPS-75 speakers have a simple, functional design and good audio quality.

The Bad The Sony Ericsson MPS-75 portable speakers work only with certain Sony Ericsson phones. Also, the FM antenna wire can be difficult to secure.

The Bottom Line The Sony Ericsson MPS-75 portable speakers offer good sound quality in a minimalist design.

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7.3 Overall

If you're looking for stereo speakers for your Sony Ericsson Walkman phone but you think the MPS-70 speakers are a bit too clunky, then Sony Ericsson has an alternative product for you. The company's MPS-75 speakers offer comparable stereo sound quality in a simpler, more compact design. They're perfect for broadcasting your tunes to the world at large or for listening to your phone's FM radio via the attached radio antenna. They're relatively inexpensive at $49.95, but we prefer the MPS-75 product, which is priced the same.

In contrast to the MPS-70's dual-speaker design, both of the MPS-75's speakers are housed in one unit. While that means you can't put some distance between the two audio outlets, it does mean that the speakers have an uncomplicated design without excessive (and tangle-prone) wires or cords. At 4 inches by 2.5 inches by 1.9 inches and 3.8 ounces, the MPS-75 speakers are extremely lightweight and portable; they'll slip easily into a bag or even into a large coat pocket. It's worth noting, however, that the color scheme calls a lot of attention to itself. While the rear half of the speakers are basic black, their front face is a loud Walkman orange.

The product's only wire acts as an antenna for the FM radio. It's quite long at 4 feet, so you should have no problem extending it to an area where you'll get radio reception. Yet the length does have a slight drawback. When not in use, the wire is designed to wrap around the MPS-75's speaker plug, but there's only a small hook to hold it in place. More than once the wire on our review model snapped free and would flail about.

The phone plug is protected by a black plastic cover. It has a secure fit, so we didn't worry about the plug becoming damaged if we were carrying the speakers in a bag. What's more, the plug slid easily into our Sony Ericsson W580i Walkman phone and it didn't pop out accidentally. Just keep in mind that the MPS-75 speakers are compatible only with phones that use its specific plug (adapters for other handsets are not available).

Your cell phone is the power source, but the speakers shouldn't have a noticeable effect on your handset's battery. When paired with our W580i, they delivered admirable sound quality. The volume level also was satisfying. Like the MPS-70 speakers, they're also short on any audio-editing features that would enhance your tunes. At the very least, a speaker-mounted volume button would be welcome, but even that's absent. But here again, we're not going to raise a fuss. The MPS-75 speakers are really all about simplicity.

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