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Sony Ericsson MDS-60 review: Sony Ericsson MDS-60

The MDS-60 is a cute, colour-coordinated speaker dock that fits a wide range of Sony Ericsson phones for fuss-free charging and music playback.

Ella Morton
Ella was an Associate Editor at CNET Australia.
Ella Morton
2 min read

Speaker docks for the iPod family of MP3 players have been all the rage of late, with third-party manufacturers releasing a slew of products designed to charge the player while pumping out tunes. Now that Sony Ericsson's Walkman range has asserted its dominance as the music phone of choice, it's only fitting that it should have a special dock too.


Sony Ericsson MDS-60

The Good

Very compact design. Works via AC power or AA batteries. Sturdy construction.

The Bad

No extra features like EQ adjustment. No remote control. No inputs.

The Bottom Line

This speaker dock is simple and user-friendly, and the long list of compatible phones a bonus, but some may wish for a little more.

The MDS-60 has a very sporty look, from the orange mesh-covered speakers down to the drink bottle-esque cap that covers the docking port. The well-thought out design features a detachable stand that also functions as a cover to protect the speakers when the product is stored. This cuts down on dimensions, and means the MDS-60 can be tossed into a bag without concerns it will be damaged or take up too much room.

Unlike the more sophisticated -- and almost three times pricier -- MDS-70, the MDS-60 has no remote control, inputs or equaliser. There are only two buttons: power on/off and volume.

The MDS-60 carries the unmistakeable orange branding of Sony Ericsson's Walkman series, but compatibility is not restricted to Walkman phones. The stand will work with any model that sports the proprietary charging port, including the K750i and K610i. In terms of playlist navigation, we found that it works best with candy bar models like the aforementioned K series models, W700i, W800i, W810i and W950i. The large lanyard hook on the back of the clamshell W300i didn't sit very well against the dock, and flipping open the phone to operate the keypad made the viewing angle for the main display awkward.

The MDS-60 can be powered by the AC adaptor, or by four AA batteries. It also outputs FM radio providing the phone has a tuner, and we found the reception to be surprisingly clear. For optimum clarity, you should listen to the radio with the dock plugged into mains power, as we did notice a dip in performance when we switched to battery mode.

The stand is limited to two functions -- charging your phone and giving a booming voice to your MP3s. Some may dislike the lack of equaliser and remote control, but as an equaliser feature is included in the Walkman phone range, it's a logical omission.

We found the audio quality very good, with only slight muffling at the bass end. The maximum volume wasn't high enough for an all-out dance party, but it would certainly suffice for the odd stress-releasing dance around the lounge room. The loud sound also made for a very bracing way to wake up -- the phone's alarm clock will rouse you immediately when it is coming from those speakers.

The MDS-60 would make a stylish addition to your bedside table for fuss-free overnight charging and a little night music.