Sony Ericsson HBH-PV710 review: Sony Ericsson HBH-PV710

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The Good Simple interface.

The Bad Ugly and protruding.

The Bottom Line The HBH-PV710 is a rudimentary Bluetooth headset with few features that really stand out.

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6.0 Overall

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Remember the early Bluetooth headsets? The really big, chunky numbers that left people wondering if you were either an extra in a dodgy sci-fi flick or just had a really big hearing aid? Well, those days are back thanks to the HBH-PV710, Sony Ericsson's budget Bluetooth mobile headset. In a word, it's big, and in a subjective way, pretty chunky and ugly to boot.

Features / Performance
On a functional level, it's tough to say much about the HBH-PV710 except that it works, and the battery life isn't too bad. Sony Ericsson claims around 12 hours talk time and up to 300 hours standby time, which means you'll almost certainly be recharging your phone well before the HBH-PV710 runs out of juice.

Sound quality in our tests was acceptable through the HBH-PV710; it's always tough to empirically evaluate mobile call quality as so many factors beyond the headset can come into play, but our tests showed no major problems aside from a slight tendency towards soft audio tones, which could be a problem if you're constantly in a noisy environment.

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