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Sony Ericsson Bluetooth CAR-100 review: Sony Ericsson Bluetooth CAR-100

Sony Ericsson Bluetooth CAR-100

Alex Kidman
Alex Kidman is a freelance word writing machine masquerading as a person, a disguise he's managed for over fifteen years now, including a three year stint at ZDNet/CNET Australia. He likes cats, retro gaming and terrible puns.
Alex Kidman
We were also able to test out one of Sony Ericsson's sillier phone gadgets -- the Bluetooth Car-100. It's a tiny little rally car, about the size of a matchbox vehicle that connects to a range of Sony Ericsson Bluetooth capable phones and can be driven around using the phone's number keys once it's been paired to a phone.

There are a few catches, however. On the small annoyance side, it charges by sucking juice out your mobile phone charging connector, meaning you can't charge the phone and car at the same time, and it requires you to install a small application to get it running -- on other SE phones it would appear to be instantaneous.


Sony Ericsson Bluetooth CAR-100

The Good

Cute design. Works over Bluetooth.

The Bad

Expensive for a toy car.

The Bottom Line

A remote controlled Bluetooth car suitable for use with a Sony Ericsson mobile phone that supports Bluetooth technology.

On the major annoyance side, a Car-100 will set you back AU$120, which is an awful lot to pay for a single-trick phone pony. At that price, you certainly wouldn't want anyone at home to step on it, or attempt to pull the wheels off it, for that matter.